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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: What Makes BrightSide Consulting Group, LLC Different?

Our staff has over 20 years of experience in the personal care home industry, which includes working with children, youth, the elderly, and the developmentally disabled population. We sincerely care about each population we serve, and the providers who support them. Our staff understands the licensing process from beginning to end, and how to run and operate a personal care business

BrightSide Consulting Group, LLC staff are experts in the home care licensing industry that have hands-on experience as owners, operators, workers, and consultants.  Our consultants are honest, compassionate, and operate with high integrity.  Additionally, our experienced staff has a heart for our clients and the population our providers serve.  


FAQ #2: Do I need to purchase my home before going through my state's licensing process or after I have already been approved?

All the states we serve must lease or purchase the home first, because the initial application that is submitted is based on the physical address of the facility you will use.  However, other states may not require you lease or purchase the home first.  It will solely depend on which state you want to get licensed in. For example, in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan the actual home physical address must be either purchased or leased before submitting your license application paperwork and attachments to the state.   

FAQ #3: What kind of home should I lease or purchase?

You would ideally need to lease or purchase a one-level home with no stairs or steps.  Make sure the home is tied to into a public water and sewage system, and it has a fenced in backyard, preferably.  Wheelchair ramps and ADA requirements may not be necessary, but will depend on your state's rules and regulations.  Before you purchase or lease a home, make sure you call the city or county the home is located in.  Call the zoning and permits department and ask them if the address of the home is zoned properly to operate as a 24/7 care home.  If yes, you can move forward.  If no, you may need to go through the land use permit process.  If the land use permit process is required, ask what all is involved before you move forward.  The land use permit process can be complex, time consuming, expensive, and still may not be approved.

FAQ #4: How long does the complete licensing process usually take?

The complete licensing process from beginning to end can take around three to 12+ months depending on the license and the state.  

FAQ #5: How long does it usually take for my personalized policy and procedure manual to be reviewed and approved by my state?

Once your policy manual is submitted to the state for review, if your state reviews the manual as part of your initial licensing application process, the turn around time can be from 30 days to several months.  However, usually the turnaround time it is within 30-120 days.  

FAQ #6: What should I do if my policy and procedure manual have revisions?

If by chance you need a revision done to your manual based on the state surveyor's request, you will receive a revision letter or email from your state's licensing department telling you what revisions need to be made.  Should that happen, our company per your agreement, will make revisions free of charge up to six-months from the date the electronic policy manual file was received.  Revisions are usually completed within 14 business days from receipt, and emailed back to the client to resubmit to the state surveyor for approval.