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Affordable Policy and Procedure Manuals for Licensing

Why Do I Need a Policy Manual?

Policy manuals are one of the most important components of the state licensing process.  In order to get licensed and approved as a personal care home provider, the policy and procedure manual must pass inspection based on your state's specific rules and regulations. 

  • The wrong policy manual will be declined.
  • The wrong content and topics in the manual will get it declined.
  • The policy rules and regulations must be state specific.
  • A generic policy manual will not pass the state surveyor's inspection.

Every state will want the policy information in a different way.  Meaning the topics, content, information and rule numbers will be different.  One policy manual will not and cannot fit a different state's requirements.

We create customized policy manuals for the following states: Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. We create and develop customized policy and procedure manuals that are perfect for your specific state.  

Our care home consultants write all the content, proofread and send you the policy manual directly to your email inbox in Microsoft Word and PDF.  Our policy and procedure manuals are researched and written based on your specific state's rules, regulations, standards and codes.

Types of Policy and Procedure Manuals We Create and Deliver for Licenses:

  • MichiganAdult Foster Care for Elderly Policy Manual.

Your Investment: $2,895

How to Get Started:
If you are interested in purchasing a residential care home, personal care home, or group home policy and procedure manual to help you get licensed, our steps include:

  1.  Request a written proposal and one will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
  2.  We will send you a proposal spelling out in black and white what you're investing in, our deliverables, payment terms, and project start and end date.  
  3. Once you review our proposal and decide to move forward just sign, date, and email  the agreement to our office.
  4. The investment can be made in two installment payments via Paypal invoice or credit card.
  5. 50% of the payment is due upon signing the agreement and the remaining 50% is due when the policy manual is complete.
  6. Once the policy manual is 80% done a sample will be emailed in Microsoft Word format.
  7. When the final payment is received, then your personalized policy and procedure manual will be emailed to you in both Microsoft Word and PDF format along with 15 standardized forms to manage your business. Each form will be customized with your business or agency's personal information.
  8. Our customized policy and procedure manuals take a minimum of 15-30 days to complete from start to finish.

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