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Welcome To BrightSide Consulting Group, LLC

Thank you for visiting our website.  BrightSide Consulting Group, LLC provides training to get licensed in the personal care industry for the State of Georgia.  We provide affordable training that helps get you licensed as a personal care home or private home care provider (also called non-medical home care agency) in the State of Georgia.  If you have been looking for someone to help you figure out the steps and process to get licensed, get clients, and know how to run and operate your personal care business, we are here to help you.  

There is so much money to be made in the personal care industry.  If you have a heart to serve people and the passion to do better in life, now is the time to get licensed. The personal care industry is growing, making billions, so why aren't you a part of it?

Our licensing services include:

  1. personal care home license training and consulting for Georgia
  2. private home care provider training and consulting for Georgia
  3. customized policy and procedure manuals for 15 states (specific to each state's rules and regulations)

Personal Care "START2END" Training: 
If you have the heart, desire and compassion to assist people that need help with non-medical personal care, meals and their activities for daily living in a 24/7 residential home setting, then you want to become a personal care home provider.  This training is for those that want to become a residential personal care home provider in Georgia, only.  This training is the most affordable way to get what you need, licensed.  

Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) "START2END"Training: 
You decide if your new company will get licensed providing a) companion sitter, b) personal care, or c) nursing services.  Nursing services policy manual include policies and procedures for companion sitter, personal care and nursing services.  Our policy manuals are customized to the State of Georgia's rules, regulations and licensing standards.
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What Makes BrightSide Consulting Group, LLC Unique?
Our staff are not only consultants, but they have personally owned a personal care home for the elderly and host home for developmentally disabled and intellectually disabled. Our consultants have over 20+ years of combined experience in the personal care industry. Staff at BrightSide Consulting Group, LLC understands your frustration, because at one time as providers they felt the same pain trying to get licensed.  Our staff aren't just sales people.  Our staff are compassionate individuals that have a heart for their clients and the population provider's serve.  

Our consultants become your personal care licensing partner.  We are available for you.  We are accessible to you.  We pick up our phone and answer. We respond to our emails.  We follow through to help you reach your goal to get licensed.  Our consultants work hard to exceed your expectations throughout consulting process.  

You have been waiting a long time, but the longer you wait the more the industry will change and the state's changes are usually not in your favor.

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